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The software development process

Idea Design Development Testing Support
  • 1.
    Discuss needs

    To start, we'll gain an in-depth understanding of your situation. We'll work together with you - listening, asking questions, observing existing processes, and suggesting ideas - to understand your requirements and establish a feature set for the solution.

  • 2.
    Project proposal

    We will then create a project proposal document. It will describe how we will work together - either in an agile (scrum) or waterfall approach - and outline the feature set, and show the estimated cost and time to develop the solution.

  • 3.
    Design and prototyping

    After you let us know you want to proceed we will begin planning for the development. This is a collaborative process, and may involve the production of prototypes, so that you can be sure what we deliver is what you wanted. In a waterfall approach we will also produce a functional specification document.

  • 4.

    The core development will either be based upon milestones (in waterfall), or sprints (in agile). This is where the design is is turned into functional software. Good software is: stable, robust, performant, scalable, flexible, maintainable, secure, easy to use, and auditable when required.

  • 5.
    QA testing

    GistLens integrates testing into the development process. In code, unit testing and integration testing help ensure quality software will be delivered. At the end of the development we do another round of testing, after which it is passed to your users for user acceptance testing in a separate staging environment.

  • 6.

    All of our systems are designed to be intuitive to use, but training can still be an important part of change management, and we can provide training on the new systems, either in the form of user documentation, video tutorials, or on-site training.

  • 7.

    The new software is set live. If it replaces an older system this would also involve migration of data from the existing system.

  • 8.

    We provide comprehensive support options for the software we develop, which includes priority bug fixing and assistance with unfamiliar functionality. But even if you would prefer not to opt for ongoing support, all our software comes with a 12-month warranty to fix bugs.

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