Commissioning a Customised Software Solution - What you need to know

Peter Tylee 11 Feb 2021


Custom software development is the process of designing, building, integrating, scaling, and upgrading software solutions to address the needs or objectives of your specific business. Every business has unique challenges, and sometimes custom software is the only way to be consistent with the vision and mission of the business. This article will explore the advantages and disadvantage of customized software. Furthermore, we’ll explain the process for designing and developing customised software at GistLens, and how we can help you achieve your business goals.


Advantages & Disadvantages of Customised Software

There are many advantages in building your own customised software. First, more relevant functionality; people go with custom software because they face difficulties in finding exactly what they want in existing software, and having a software solution tailor-made to a business's needs can not only improve the efficiency of tasks, but alleviate the stress of dealing with redundant and irrelevant aspects of a program or application. Second, security; by building your own software you will have the control to implement the highest security standards necessary, and you can be certain that all of your data is in a safe place. Finally, a higher level of flexibility; building your own software will ensure that you can implement any changes that you need in the organization. By contrast, a business might find that using off-the-shelf applications limit your ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges.

However, the use of a custom software can come with some disadvantages. First, customised software tends to be more expensive than off-the-shelf software; since everything will be made according to your needs. Second, it can be time consuming; building your own customised software will often take more time than a pre-existing solution, depending on your integration requirements. Third, choosing the wrong vendor can result in a failed software project.


Process of designing and developing customised software

At GistLens, we follow a process to provide you with high-quality and reliable software:

● Discussing needs: To start, we'll gain an in-depth understanding of your situation. We'll work together with you - listening, asking questions, observing existing processes, and suggesting ideas - to understand your requirements and establish a feature set for the solution.

● Project proposal: We will then create a project proposal document. It will describe how we will work together - either in an agile (scrum) or waterfall approach - and outline the feature set, as well show the estimated cost and time to develop the solution.

● Design and prototyping: After you let us know that you want to proceed with, we will begin planning for the development. This is a collaborative process, and may involve the production of prototypes, so that you can be sure what we deliver is what you wanted. In a waterfall approach we will also produce a functional specification document.

● Development: The core development will either be based upon milestones (in waterfall), or sprints (in agile). This is where the design is turned into functional software. Good software is stable, robust, performant, scalable, flexible, maintainable, secure, easy to use, and auditable when required.

● QA testing: GistLens integrates testing into the development process. In code, unit testing and integration testing help ensure that quality software will be delivered. At the end of the development we do another round of testing, after which it is passed to your users for user acceptance testing in a separate staging environment.

● Training: All our systems are designed to be intuitive to use, but training can still be an important part of change management. We can provide training on the new systems, in the form of user documentation, video tutorials, or on-site training.

● Deployment: The new software is set live. If it replaces an older system this would also involve migration of data from the existing system.

● Support: We provide comprehensive support options for the software we develop, which includes priority bug fixing and assistance with unfamiliar functionality..


How GistLens can assist you in customising your website

GistLens can offer you many services to assist you, including;

● Web application development: More complex than a simple website. A web application is a mix of front-end, back-end and database technologies that work as a cohesive system to solve a problem.

● Mobile app development: We build intuitive apps with engaging UX that are fast to load and can scale easily. Whether you need Android or iOS, we have the expertise.

● Cloud computing: We build cloud-based apps from the ground up. We can also migrate your existing solutions to the cloud. We integrate with Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

● Artificial intelligence (AI): We help companies automate their processes with AI-based solutions that are tailored to their needs. We innovate through a range of AI solutions from image and video analysis to predictive time-series analysis and everything in between.

● Software consulting: If you are making a business-critical decision and need an outside, expert opinion about something in the software space - our knowledgeable consultants can help.



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