The ‘perfect storm’ of an unsuccessful project

Peter Tylee 3 Aug 2022


As an illustration of what can happen when you don’t have the right teams, systems, project methodology & management, tech, architecture and scoping, let's take a look at a case study.

GistLens was asked to audit a software development project that was over-budget, over-time and not fit-for-purpose.

The client wanted to develop an app that was relatively ambitious. They had engaged a very large development firm that was managed out of the UK and principal development was done in Pakistan.

The project ended up being over time by five months. It was definitely over budget as the client was charged $157,000 (AUD) for work that probably would've normally cost around $22,000 (AUD) – that’s $135,00 over what it would’ve cost if they’d shopped around.

To make matters worse, in those five months they did not have a single demo. They did not receive any reporting. They didn't know what the status of the project was! They just kept hearing "Oh, yes. We're working on it. Give us more money.''

As mentioned earlier, we were brought in to do an audit of what they had developed. And the unfortunate news is that, although there was some value in the code that they had written, there were major problems with it. The client ultimately ended up scrapping that code and yet they still needed that software developed.

What did the project need?

Ultimately, what they really needed was some project management and some structure to the way that these things were being approached. They also needed a clear capture of the functional requirements from the outset of the project.

After our audit, they’ve now come on board as one of our clients and we can say that the project is currently on track to a successful outcome.

The Takeaway

Make sure that you get your systems in place early: your project management, your requirements gathering, and so forth so that you can get a software development project that is on-time, on-budget and fit-for-purpose.

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