The 3 Things You Need Clarity On For A Successful Software Project

Peter Tylee 10 Aug 2022


At GistLens, we’re often brought in to rescue software projects that have gone awry. Because of this, we’re well aware of the crucial areas that are often missing from software development projects that cause them to go off the rails.

What are the 3?

If you are lacking in clarity about these you can compromise your software development project:

  1. QA & Testing
  2. DevOps processes
  3. Hosting Security & Maintenance

These as a car analogy


If you don't ask these questions of your software development partner or your tech partner or your developers, it's a little bit like buying an expensive car, but then not asking if it's got any faults.

We’ll delve deeper into these 3 in future articles…so stay tuned!

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