Custom Software Developed With Your Business Vision

Bring your business goals to life with software built for optimal performance and scalable growth

Navigating the digital maze?

We’ve got the map

Your journey to operational excellence need not be riddled with software hurdles.


In the modern business landscape, the right digital tools are the linchpin of operational success. 


However, generic software solutions often come with a host of challenges:


inefficiency due to misalignment with your unique processes

escalating costs from ongoing licensing fees

a rigid structure that stifles growth.


These hurdles can divert your focus from what truly matters – driving your business forward.


At GistLens, we believe in crafting software solutions that are as unique as your business. Our custom-built web applications, AI solutions, and core business applications are designed from the ground up to align seamlessly with your operational flow. 


We transform your digital landscape into a springboard for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalable growth.

Why custom software?

Tailored solutions for tangible results

In a world where every business has its unique operational rhythm, off-the-shelf software often falls flat in meeting your distinct needs.

Custom software emerges as the beacon of personalisation, offering a tailored approach to solve your specific challenges.

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Rapid Deployment

Accelerate your time to market with our streamlined development processes, ensuring swift deployment of innovative solutions tailored to your business needs.

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Budget Mastery

Maintain control over your budget with our meticulous project planning, ensuring efficient and cost-effective completion that exceeds expectations.

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Operational Efficiency

Maintain control over your budget with our meticulous project planning, ensuring efficient and cost-effective completion that exceeds expectations.

What our clients say about us

You are what you do, not what you say – and that’s where Word of Mouth comes in. The majority of our clients come via word-of-mouth. From startups to multi-national enterprise - we have the privilege of working with some exceptional enterprises.


Pete, a rare talent in technology problem-solving, demonstrated his expertise while I was working as Sales Force Retail Execution Product owner and Applications Development manager at a large multinational FMCG Manufacturing company. He excelled in quickly understanding complex business issues and proposing viable solutions within the constraints of corporate IT environments. His approach was always calm, professional, and courteous. A notable achievement was the complete overhaul of our client server-based sales force automation synchronization system. Faced with outdated technology and connectivity limitations, Pete designed and implemented a robust, fully encrypted solution that drastically improved synchronization times and user capacity. This transformation from tens of minutes to seconds in synchronization and accommodating hundreds of users instead of just five is a testament to his impressive skills.

Toui Lepkhammany
Business Change Leader, Traceability Supply Chain, Asia Pacific Region - MarsLinkedIn

What we can do you for you

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Web Application Development

Our custom web applications are tailor-made to mirror your unique operational flow, ensuring seamless integration.

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Core Business Applications

Our core business applications fine-tune processes, boost productivity, and ensure cost-efficiency, exceeding operational objectives.

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AI Solutions

Our AI solutions unveil actionable insights, automate decision-making, and evolve with your business, fueling competitive edge.

Ready to break free from software limitations and elevate your business operations?


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Is Custom Software Development expensive?

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What about the security of Custom Software?

How is the maintenance and support handled for Custom Software?

What if my business processes change after the software is developed?

How do I ensure that the software will meet my business requirements?

Will I own the source code of the Custom Software?