What Are The 3 Questions You Need To Ask Your Software Development Partner?

Peter Tylee 17 Aug 2022


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The three questions you need to be asking are:

1.What kind of testing and quality assurance checks do you perform?

You need to ask this to know what unit and integration testing is in place, what manual QA procedures are they using. If they get that right, then what you're going to end up with is functional code.

2.What kind of DevOps processes do you use?

There are some particular answers that you're looking for with that question. If they have those in place, then what you're going to get is smooth deployments of your software project.

3.How will you handle hosting, security and maintenance?

You need to know what plans they have in place and whether or not it matches the requirements of the project. This is important so that you end up with something that is scalable, secure, and maintainable.

In future articles we’ll be going into more depth about each of these questions so that you know what answers you need in order to end up with a successful software project.

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